We’ve been brewing something special under the new moon to release a little later in the month.

We’ve been brewing something special under the new moon to release a little later in the month. Vivid Collection drop No. 3

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Aquarius New Moon

Aquarius New Moon

Time To Shine Together

The saying goes: Aquarians love humanity, but don’t like people. Since this latest New Moon is all about enhancing everyone’s Aquarian vibes, it’s a great idea to think about squad goals when setting intentions. Who can you partner with to boost each other up? Whose energy does yours vibe with? Is it time for a dance party under the stars with a few sparkling sips? 
Aquarius is the third of the air sign trilogy, meaning communication and intellect goes beyond the immediate or personal. Let the airy ideas circulate. Let your mind roam and objectively consider the world outside yourself. What are your neighbours doing or thinking? What about the divine? Then consider how this ties back to where you are ready to experiment. It could be time to broaden your intellectual horizons. Wordle with friends, anyone? Seriously though, favouring shared goals and groups with a common interest (like health and wellness, astrology, or environmental action) are all things to consider when setting your month’s intentions. At this point you’re planting seeds rather than harvesting, so go deep while the energy is turned inward. 
This is the best new moon set up we’ve had for some time for transformation, forward momentum and growth. A great chance to jump outside your comfort zone with the guidance of mentors or friends to get you through. Make sure you pay that love back too. Help someone work at their dreams, even if that dream is as small as making it through the week without texting their ex. Get them to text their crush instead!
Try something new. Put yourself out there (especially if you’re terrified inside). Be brave together and things will pay off down the line.
I experiment and try new things with ease. 
I easily make mutually amplifying friends and contacts, and achieve shared goals. 
Journal prompts 
What do I want to experience through my friendships, colleagues, groups and networks?
New Moon Ritual prompts  
Represent the air element with incense. Write, speak or draw up your intentions to manifest on the full moon. Include clear quartz or amethyst to amplify your vision. Feel a sense of gratitude for them in the present moment then let go and trust your higher self/subconscious intelligence to close the gap. 
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