We’ve been brewing something special under the new moon to release a little later in the month.

We’ve been brewing something special under the new moon to release a little later in the month. Vivid Collection drop No. 3

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Aries New Moon

Aries New Moon

Rise Up To Your Dreams
It’s time to put the pedal-to-the-metal toward your dreams. This new lunation in Aries suggests an ignition of your go factor. Don't dally or get sidetracked by a mirage, pointless dust-up or any other of the 1000 excuses not to set a collision course toward your greatest moment — head on! 
Since new moons are a monthly cosmic blackout, it's often about being yin and dropping into your internal, creative landscape. However, Aries is the most yang sign, so add a moving component to build up some heat. Create a space where the energy is higher and convert that energy into mass, like motivation. That in-turn converts to actionable steps and, ultimately, your goal. Between now and the full moon in Aries (in six months) you'll be harvesting the fruit of your mystic as well as real-world labour. So embrace your mystic X-factor, and the principle of action. Don't look back... or back down. 
Call on Aries catchphrases like feel the fear and do it anyway, and Nike's slogan (named after an Ancient Greek Goddess of victory); just do it! Slay doubt by reframing from a positive perspective. Being the first, Aries has the child's approach to learning or leaping into the fray. Why walk when you can run? Even if you're still at a crawl, crawl fast! As the first of the fire trilogy, if you lack confidence, this is one of the best archetypes to draw on, so make like an Aries and just go for it. 
I easily take direct action toward my greatest goal. 
Feel the fear and do it anyway.
Journal prompts 
What part of myself or life needs independence and challenge? 
How do I come alive when I achieve or beat my expectations or personal best? 
What baggage could I drop/burn for true self-acceptance and self-love? 
Name at least one thing and give it your best shot over the next six thirty days. 
New Moon Ritual prompts  
Set up your ritual, and include a single flame. Gaze into the flame to connect with the single-pointed fire element and see what bubbles up. This exercise will help you open up to your symbolic side. Write out your intentions (draw or vision board), then burn them and visualise them sent to the universe. They are on their way! Let go and let the Goddess in. 
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