We’ve been brewing something special under the new moon to release a little later in the month.

We’ve been brewing something special under the new moon to release a little later in the month. Vivid Collection drop No. 3

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Virgo Full Moon

Virgo Full Moon

Embrace wellness 

Ground yourself in ritual and routine - this Virgo-hosted full moon is the perfect reminder that your body is a sacred temple that must be treated reverently. The lunar peak creates an ideal balance for our current Pisces season. While Pisces prompts creative chaos, Virgo grounds you. The moon indicates our emotional and instinctual nature so, this month, embrace wellness and order.
As the 2nd of the earth sign trilogy, Virgo is a material girl. Not the flashy Liberace type; she's more a nutritionist who cares what she feeds her body, mind, and spirit. Ruled by the planet Mercury, practicality, punctuality, and precision matter. Add purity to the list, oh, and lists because this sign likes to have a plan, then tick off the tasks as she goes. Remember these themes over the peak lunar feels and get ahead of the curve. Organise something in your life, home, or work and aim to streamline and simplify. Perhaps that's your digital life. With so many apps and digital avenues to meander down, there's so much competing for your attention. Since Mercury, the planet representing the mind and communication, rules Virgo, the mind and nervous system are core to this lunation. Swap screen time out for the natural environment. Get your feet on the earth (earthing) and take a mindful approach to what you consume. That includes what you expose your mind and body to. Is that food/data/the vibes nutritious, delicious, or toxic? 
Full moons are about actualising and externalising. Call in an expert to assist, find the right nutrition, nutritionist, and crush it with health-promoting lifestyle choices. Remember, wellness rests on small daily decisions, so set your rinse-and-repeat cycle on one that makes you feel your very best. Get yourself a lifestyle buddy to share info with and encourage. 
I easily focus on and build skills that move my needle forward in life. 
I easily make healthy, sustainable choices supporting my best self. 
I easily know what's best for my body, mind and spirit. 
Journal prompts 
How do I want to feel in my mind and body? 
What state of mind and resting state am I at vs where I want to be? 
What three things do I feed my mind, emotions or body that I can swap out to feel my best? 
New Moon Ritual prompts  
Represent the medicinal earth element with a herbal tea or crystal-infused elixir. Yes, Lunae Sparkling is perfect for this ritual. 
Be intentional and decide what you want this lunar period to reveal to your conscious awareness. Something you're seeking or want to know. Perhaps a solution for a particular situation. Invite the answer or inner knowing. Give thanks as if it's already here, and drink your beverage to connect your thoughts to physical action and as a commitment to honouring yourself. 
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