Your Crystal Reading for June


The Heavenly Blog is proud to bring you the second instalment of our work alongside gemologist Stacey Lim from Uluna Crystals as we go further into embracing the power of crystals and their ability to act as conduits for our natural healing energy.
Our June edition of our crystal reading series is here to explore the properties relating to specific crystals and provide you with little messages that you might need to hear.
Each month we ask you to simply take a breath, and select a stone that you feel drawn to.  You need to trust your intuition.


Origin - Baltic Region, Europe

Moon Phase - Full Moon

Chakra - ALL

Take a moment to slow down and ask yourself “what do I need right now to feel my best?”
Amber invites the question but only you can give yourself permission to stop, drop and self-care.
The soothing and gentle energy of amber is cultivated over millions of years of slow and patient formation.
This ancient fossil has transformed through eons of change and whilst it has hardened, it is proof that patience is a virtue.
Amber invites you to take it easy, release what is not serving your highest good and ride out the challenges you may be facing… your time is coming to transform into something truly magnificent.

Origin - Morocco

Moon Phase - New Moon

Chakra - Crown

Celestite is a stone of spirit and guidance. If your mind is busy overthinking, second guessing and artfully procrastinating, celestite is here to connect you to your highest self.

What is your next move? Where are you going? If you’re feeling lost or torn between where to shift your energy this month then allow celestite to be your guide.

Create space and time to be still, alone and with your thoughts and send your big questions that you need answered up to the universe. Be attentive; look and listen for the signs, the universe will show you. Don’t try to rationalise or be concerned with outcomes, what you are seeking is clarification of what it is you need right now. 


Origin - Australia, Madagascar, Brazil

Moon Phase - First Quarter

Chakra - Solar Plexus

If you needed a sign to start that new venture, this is it.

Perhaps you’ve been trying to ingrain a new healthy habit and it’s not quite sticking? Do you want to put yourself out there and proclaim to the world what is meaningful to you but lack the confidence to speak?

Tiger eye is a stone for the doer, the bold and the brave. Let your focus on the outcome or judgements dissolve away along with your fears and step boldly down your path to success and authenticity.

Challenges are the journey, your comfort zone is expanding and you will soon raise your vibration with the grounding and supportive energies of tiger eye.

This stone offers protection and switches doubt into inspiration, cheering you on with positivity to motivate you each step of the way. You are extraordinary!

Your Crystal Reading for June