Your crystal reading for November

The Heavenly Blog is proud to bring you the third instalment of our work alongside gemmologist Stacey Lim from Uluna Crystals as we go further into embracing the power of crystals and their ability to act as conduits for our natural healing energy.
Our November edition of our crystal reading series is here to explore the properties relating to specific crystals and provide you with little messages that you might need to hear.
We ask you to simply take a breath and select a stone that you feel drawn to. 
You need to trust your intuition.
Origin - Zaire, The Congo
Moon Phase - Last Quarter
Chakra - Heart
Feel your feelings. Like, really sink into them. Joy, pain, excitement, and frustration - they arrive and disappear before we can take note of the experience. 
Are you living in the moment or pushing it away to get to the next one?
Malachite is a stone to hold emotional space for those that swift through life without taking stock of each moment.
This powerful heart centred stone is the big, warm, comforting hug you need to be able to open and feel the feelings or simply revel in the energy of life. Take this time to stop and connect to your energy and ask yourself, “how do I feel and why?”
Don’t miss the moments of joy sprinkled in your day. Live them fully.
Origin - Madagascar, Russia,
Moon Phase - Waning Gibbous
Chakra - Crown
The heart and mind often seek different things and serpentine is a stone that achieves balance between the two.
If you’re on a path of manifestation and ‘doing the work’ to bring in abundance and opportunities serpentine can help to shift your energy into alignment to ensure your visions, come into this reality.
Start your new journey with serpentine to expand your aura and release mental blogs or emotional imbalances that aren’t allowing you to thrive as your most abundant self.
You are in control of your future and can do or be anything you desire when balance is achieved. Ensure your mind and heart are working in energetic unison.
Origin - Brazil, Australia, Mexico
Moon Phase - Waxing Gibbous
Chakra - Solar Plexus
Are you someone that others are drawn to? Your aura is a ‘vibe’, and you attract others into your space and life with ease.
Topaz is a stone to support and rejuvenate your energy that may be leaking or taken from others with or without your permission.
Don’t’ stop being generous, your giving nature is a glorious trait but can often inhibit you from healthy self-care due to your weak boundaries.
Topaz is a high vibrational stone that can help you hold onto your resources to fill your own cup first, ensuring you feel your most vibrant self to give and receive in ways that don’t leave you feeling drained.
Your crystal reading for November