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sparkling orange blossom

Create a great day

Your sippable self-care...

Beautiful hydration

Made with positive vibrations

Beauty and health go hand in hand.


The botanicals used to add taste to Lunae Sparkling have the added benefit of providing antioxidants and vitamins to your system.

Connect with your senses


Connect with your senses through sippable self care. Frankincense promotes inner calm and contains terpenes which help with inflammation.

Lunae Signature range variety box

Can’t decide which blend to buy?

Here’s a bouquet!

resources to nurture things. Mind. Body. Spirit.

The Heavenly Body

A Lunae Approach to Life

As part of our own commitment to The Heavenly Body, we’re going to help provide friendly advice each and every month on practical ways to find balance in your life.

Founders Note

A couple of years ago, I was going through a spiritual shift in life, feeling the need to slow down, be more intentional and enjoy every moment.

resident astrologer vanessa power

SAGITTARIUS FULL MOON - Unleash your vibrant energy and shoot your shot.

resident astrologer vanessa power

TAURUS NEW MOON - those who dine together shine together.