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noun: of the moon Lunae [ˈl̺uːn̺ay]

Like the moon, our lives are ever-changing. Her many faces reflect our many moods. Bright and full of energy. Dark and brooding. Hopeful in new light. Beautiful in transition. All in one heavenly body, unified and constant. 
Lunae is all about finding that balance in our own lives. We infuse the health benefits of botanicals into positively-charged crystal water, brewed at the height of each moon cycle, and bottle it in a purely stunning package.
Because if you balance health and beauty in mind, body & soul, you illuminate the world around you.
Lunae Sparkling. Sip often with intention.

Our Mantra 

Health. Balance. Beauty.
Everything we do at Lunae is aimed at achieving these three things for our community. The revitalizing botanicals we select. The crystals we use to positively charge our drinks. The mindful way we brew on full-moons. The stunning designs we put together. They all weave together to bring more health, balance, and beauty to our lives.
Achieve these in body, mind and spirit and you achieve what we call ‘The Heavenly Body’. A state of being that offers fulfilment and light to you and those around you.   

Founders Note


Sparked by change…

A couple of years ago, I was going through a spiritual shift in life, feeling the need to slow down, be more intentional and enjoy every moment. I began meditating and experimenting with the properties of crystal water. It worked wonders for me. 
At that same time I was running a loose-leaf tea business. I realised there weren’t a lot of premade drinks out there that offer the health benefits of botanicals. You either had to boil, steep and stir something yourself, or the alternatives were packed with sugar. I thought it might be a good idea to put something new out there.
Then it struck me. Why don’t I combine it all? Positively-charged crystal water with the health benefits of botanicals, all served in a way that helped bring some more beauty into the world.
The seeds of Lunae Sparkling were born. 
Initially launched as Madame Dy, the concept resonated vibrantly online and things took off. Some people connected with the spiritual aspect of crystal water brewed on moon cycles. Some loved the sugar-free taste combined with botanical antioxidants. Others were delighted they now had a sparkling non-alcoholic drink sophisticated enough to take to gatherings. Whether it was one or all of these reasons, one thing was clear - people wanted more. 
Since then, we’ve changed names twice, but our heart is the same. Thousands of like-minded people have come to enjoy the benefits of Lunae Sparkling, with its beautiful feel and deep connection with the self.
If you haven’t yet, pour yourself a glass, sip with intention and take some ‘me time’ to enjoy the finer moments in life. 
Cheers to health, to balance, and to beauty.  
Sam xo