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We often get asked why we use crystals in our brewing process.
People have been making crystal water for centuries to help bring positive energy to both healing and spirituality.
The concept is that crystals have their own unique vibrational frequency and by filtering water through them, the water is then elevated to that same frequency. Once this charged crystal water is ingested, it is thought to in turn elevate your own energy, promoting positivity in health, mood and intention.
We use different types of crystals paired with botanicals to help compliment the intended positive effects of each crystal elixir. These include:



Carnelian crystals paired with jasmine
Carnelian crystals are used to inspire courage, boost motivation and promote true expression of sexuality. We match carnelian crystal water with jasmine because of its association with the release of serotonin, which enhances mood and can have aphrodisiac effects. See more about this crystal water combination here.
Amethyst crystals paired with lavender
Amethyst crystals are used to help balance emotions and connect people more deeply with their intuitions. We match amethyst crystal water with lavender because of its relaxing effects, which help reduce stress and therefore promote clear thinking. See more about this crystal water combination here. 
Rose quartz crystals paired with rose
Rose quartz crystals are used to inspire positivity and compassion, restoring harmony to relationships. We match rose quartz crystal water with rose because of its balancing effect on digestion and anti-inflammatory properties which help bring harmony to the body as well. See more about this crystal water combination here.
Smoky quartz crystals paired with palo santo
Smoky quartz crystals are used promote stillness and stability, helping people become more grounded in their intentions. We match smoky quartz crystal water with palo santo because of its calming nature, which is said to cleanse negative energy and restore calm. See more about this crystal water combination here.
During filtration, we only use totally smooth, spherical crystals. The round shape symbolises a sense of oneness in the process and is also said to send energetic vibration in all directions. The smooth surface also helps to keep the energy flow moving throughout the filtration of the water. 
Of course, for some, the above can all sound a bit hippy. So if you simply love Osun Sparkling for the taste and botanical benefits, then crystal filtration is just an added bonus in the process. 

The science behind crystals

If you’re interested in some of the science behind crystal water, we highly recommend this podcast from The Lively Show featuring crystal expert and physics teacher Hibiscus Moon.
In the show, Jess and Hibiscus dive into the quantum mechanics, molecular structure, technological uses, and the metaphysical uses of crystals. They also  explore the concepts of vibration, frequency, light, and the electromagnetic spectrum. It's a goodie!