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Beauty and health go hand in hand. Glowing skin, shiny hair and an air of confidence all come from a nourished body.


The botanicals used to add taste to Lunae Sparkling have the added benefit of providing antioxidants and vitamins to your system. Here are just a few things our botanicals are known for…


Lavender is used to reduce stress and anxiety, promote sleep, and reduce inflammation. The antioxidant properties of lavender are also said to be great for skin and hair health.


Rosewater is used to aid digestion, reduce stress, and promote skin and hair health. Its antioxidants, combined with Vitamin C are the source of its beneficial qualities.


Jasmine has been known to stimulate the release of serotonin and enhance your mood. It also has aphrodisiac effects leaving you feeling romantic.


Palo Santo aids digestion and has a fragrance that supports calm meditation. It is also used in some cultures for energetic protection against bad luck and spirits.


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