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Libra Full Moon

Libra Full Moon

 Let love bloom 

This peak Libra lunar phase is all about balance – being fair and equal like the scales this sign represents. Because Libra is also ruled by Venus (named after the deity of absolute pleasure, beauty and harmony) it’s the perfect chance to let love bloom. Embrace mutually amplifying relationships that cause you both to sparkle, reach for your best life, and centre your best self. 
As the second sign in the air trilogy, Libra is concerned with one-to-one equal relationships. The OG in negotiation, mediation and good council, this is your go-to moment to take an honest look at your most significant partnerships. Tweak your communication style if it could use some polish. That goes for body language too! As a sign of refinement and intellect, gift love notes to your favourite people, letting them know what they mean to you. Let this full moon inspire you to nourish your relationships with positive attention, active listening, and words of affirmation.
While this full moon is all about throwing yourself into the arms of beauty, it comes with a need for discernment and good taste. Whether it’s someone else looking for a dust up, or your own temptation to tease a tiger, just don’t. Instead, use your kind but direct words and upgrade your language of love. Healthy boundaries and authentic vulnerability are supremely attractive. So is the right amount of space between you. Remember it takes two to tango, so take care of the me to make a great we. Treat yourself to something decadent with a friend or heartthrob and don’t hold back on the lux. It might be simple, but keep it beautiful with music, ambience or art (and maybe a Lunae Sparkling poured on the side). Enjoy.

I easily allow fresh love and beauty into my life. 
I easily find and cultivate relationships that enrich my life with joy and abundance. 
Journal prompts 

Are my significant relationships fair and equitable? Is there equal give and take? Am I doing more than my share or less? How can I rebalance them so it feels right? 

New Moon Ritual prompts  
Represent the Libran air element with floral incense or a beautiful candle, and give gratitude for love, beauty, your relationships and peace in your life. Focus on what you want, and invite it in! The key is to feel it as if it’s here now and dissolve any resistance that appears along the way. 
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