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Those who dine together shine together.  

May 20, 2023. 1.52 a.m 

It's time to thoroughly indulge in the present moment and revel in the beauty of the here and now. This month, the sun and moon join forces, heralding the arrival of a fertile new lunar cycle with the sensual Taurus New Moon - a sign to create a luscious and abundant experience. Release any attachments to the past and worries about the future by taking action from where you are with what you have.


As the first in the Earth sign trilogy, Taurus focuses on creating stability and security. This New Moon also provides the perfect opportunity to appreciate and celebrate your material world. Take a look around and bask in the abundance that surrounds you. If there are desires and goals you wish to manifest, adopt an abundant yet practical mindset. Set clear intentions and create a plan to achieve them. Taurus loves rolling up their sleeves and getting to work. With the influence of lucky Jupiter in the mix, progress awaits those who take inspired action.


As a sign of consolidation, this New Moon gently reminds you to align all the different parts of yourself. Embrace the power of self-love and a body-positive approach. Remember that your body is your sacred vessel, a temple worthy of adoration, and most importantly, your own! Release any judgments or criticisms and treat yourself with the utmost care and respect. Embody the spirit of Taurus by seeking out quality experiences and indulging in something that brings you joy and pleasure. A cut crystal goblet of Lunae Sparkling anyone?!


Channel the original Egyptian Brewster and Goddess of the grain by incorporating slow food or creative activities into your routine, such as fermenting, crafting, or growing a potted food-producing plant. Share the bounty of this New Moon with friends you wish to nurture and invite them to join you in a special ritual of manifestation and celebration.


Now is the time to utterly embrace your earthly presence. Allow the energy of the Taurus New Moon to ground you, inspire you, and ignite your senses. Trust in your ability to manifest your desires and savour the journey as you create a life of abundance, beauty, and stability. You are the true embodiment of the material world, and this New Moon is your cosmic invitation to embrace your power and thrive.



I easily enjoy my senses and nourish myself with quality food, sound and environment. 

I easily make choices and take action in alignment with high self worth. 


Journal prompts 

What does financial and emotional security and stability look and feel like to me?

What am I doing to create security and stability in my life. 

What action can I take to achieve financial and emotional security and stability?


New Moon Ritual prompts  

Write, speak or draw up your intentions to manifest on the full moon in Taurus six months from now. Represent the earth element and growth of your intentions by potting a plant or planting one in the garden. When you water this plant remember your intentions and visualise them in the present. Feel a sense of gratitude then let go and trust your higher self/subconscious intelligence to close the gap


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