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What is Osun Sparkling?


Osun Sparkling is part nurturer, part spirit guide, part tempress. We’re health conscious, spiritually driven and like luxurious things. Oh, and we make beautiful sugar-free drinks that are infused with botanical and positively charged with crystals. If that sounds a little bit interesting, head to this page (and link) to read more about our story.


How do you make Osun Sparkling?


Osun Sparkling use spring water that is filtered through positively-charged crystals over 24-hours to transfer their positive energy frequencies into the drink. It’s then lightly flavoured using steam-distilled botanical extracts and lightly carbonated to add a little fizz. Brewing is done at the peak of the moon phases each month to bring a calm, intentional flow to what we do. For a little more information on our process, head here.


What is crystal immersion?


The basic concept is that crystals have their own unique vibration frequency and by filtering water through them, the water is then elevated to that same frequency. Once this charged water is ingested, it is thought to in turn elevate your own energy, promoting positivity in health, mood and intention. We use amethyst, carnelian, and both rose and smokey quartz in our process. Water is filtered through them for 24-hours before adding botanicals and carbonation. For more on crystal immersion head here.


Are your drinks vegan and gluten free?


Yes, they are also free from preservatives, artificial colours and sweeteners.


Can I drink carnelian if I am pregnant?


Firstly, congratulations! Babies are amazing. Secondly, yes. Osun Sparkling is safe to drink while pregnant, however if you have any concerns, please discuss it with your doctor. She might even want to sample a bottle after the consultation.


Do I need to keep my Osun Sparkling refrigerated


Osun Sparkling tastes best chilled and also has a longer shelf life if kept cold. If you’re lacking fridge space, just invite some friends around for cheese and dips to clear a little more room. Seriously though, cases can be kept at room temperature out of direct sunlight if needed.


How long will Osun Sparkling last once I've opened it?


It’s recommended to drink a bottle in one sitting once opened. If you’ve got a weak bladder (yup, some of us do!) then it’s best finished within two days of opening. Also, if you open a bottle, make sure it’s kept refrigerated as per above.