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The Heavenly Body: A Lunae Approach to Life

The Heavenly Body: A Lunae Approach to Life

Here at Lunae, we want to connect and assign wisdom, knowledge, and to share a space where moments can be communicated and embraced.

This is the first post in our Heavenly Body blog.  We will be writing each month about mind, body and spirit, and how we can align these elements to create a more harmonious life.

When we are in tune with mind, body and soul, we’re more resilient to problems. We have truer relationships. We’re fit enough to do the things that bring us joy.

Lunae is all about helping find that balance. We call this goal The Heavenly Body - a state that brings everything together in harmony. It’s not a static goal though. Like the moon that inspires us, the process is ever changing to reflect our time, place and circumstances. It can be elusive but is worth finding in the darkness. Because if you can work to flow with the changes, adjust to suit, and live the best way you can, then you illuminate the world around you. 

So, how do any of us do that? It’s one thing to put an ideal out there and another to work towards it. As part of our own commitment to The Heavenly Body, we’re going to help provide friendly advice each and every month on practical ways to find balance in your life.

There will be articles about the best ways to calm your mind. Articles about how to keep your body moving. Articles on how to connect more deeply with the world around you. A resource to nurture things. Mind. Body. Spirit. 

Of course, each article won’t just fall under a single heading. They’ll be interconnected and play off each other. They’ll form a library you can come back to again and again to check in and re-adjust as needed.

After all, you can’t have a calm mind if you’re always in physical pain. You can’t enjoy a healthy body if your spirit lives in the shadows. It all needs to work together. 

That’s our commitment, via one enlightening article per month. It’s here in writing to point to if you ever feel like we’re not holding up our promise. It’s here as our guiding light if we ever feel lost ourselves.

The Heavenly Body. An ideal we hope to make real one day, in ourselves and maybe our community too.

We hope you find a sense of balance in that. 

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