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The Power of Crystals

The Power of Crystals

The Heavenly Blog is proud to introduce our work alongside Gemmologist Stacey Lim from Uluna Crystals as we explore the powerful properties of crystals, and how we can harness the wisdom and enlightening properties into our daily lives.


This is a series of crystal readings that will be rolled out each month as a way to not only explore the properties relating to specific crystals and provide you with little messages you might need to hear. 


Simply take a deep breath. Select a stone that gives you a jolt, makes you feel good or is there a subtle pull toward a particular one?

Trust you intuition. 


Take a deep breath.

Select a stone that gives you a jolt,  makes you feel good or is there a subtle pull toward a particular one?

Trust you intuition and go with it. 



This is your reminder to allow your fears and insecurities to be seen and release them with gratitude. Lean on larimar to support your journey to alignment and release the energies that do not serve you.

Larimar’s soothing, gentle energy invites you to stay in your strength whilst your emotions flow freely. Find your space of peace and tranquility amongst the chaos of the unknown, feel your temper cool and muscles relax as you firmly plant your feet on the ground anchoring with the earth and her protection.

Trust yourself to observe the world around you and express yourself with cool, calm conviction.

‘I feel safe and protected.’

From this space of inner harmony and acceptance, you can only shift further into your highest self.


Lemurian Quartz

Lemurian Quartz

Do you ever feel yourself disconnect from the now and lose yourself on a wild adventure in your mind's eye? Do you feel a connection to a place, culture or moment in history without ever knowing why?

Lemurian quartz is a unique formation that is believed to hold ancient wisdom from lost civilisations and moments of the earth’s past. The time has come to connect on a deeper level with your soul and discover where your energetic roots are planted.

Deep healing and forgiveness can occur when you give yourself space to remember and permission to be authentically and unapologetically you.

‘I am free to be me.’



All you need is love. Your heart holds infinite and unconditional love and it is time to share that with those around you with the energy of rhodonite.

Create space for love and new connections through generosity, gratitude and kindness. Rhodonite’s grounding energy is here to guide you to let go of past experiences that have caused hurt so that you can heal and embrace new and wonderful opportunities.

Whenever you need a loving embrace take a moment to connect to your heart space and say ‘I am loved’.

Feel the love you have within yourself and know that an endless source of love is available to you anytime you need. 

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